B2B Solution for Anglo-Nordic

Smilehouse created a SAP-integrated B2B-solution to support the resellers of Anglo-Nordic.

Anglo-Nordic was founded in 1935. The company engages in import and wholesale business of mobile phones, stationery and sports products, tools, business gifts, and multimedia products – representing a great number of internationally known brands, including Nokia, Head, Sony, Cross, Garmin,  Pentel,  Esselte, Toshiba, Tomtom and Sandisk. Anglo-Nordic is a private owned and family run company.

The goal of the project was to offer an SAP-integrated electronic service portal for all customers of Anglo-Nordic and so by reduce the workload of customer service. Anglo-Nordic also wanted to create a more cost-efficient solution that would need less support from the IT-department.

Anglo-Nordic has gained positive feedback about the easiness-of-use of the solution from customers and its own staff. The solution has quickly become the main way to order products and the need for IT-department to support the webshop has reduced substantially.

Goals and Challenges

  • B2B portal for entire product offering
  • Provide customers with improved service for ordering products
  • Better customer service: Formerly static data sheets were to be replaced by interactive searchable product information
  • Enable more efficient processes for maintaining product information
  • Increase user productivity by supplying a quality source of product and marketing content for reuse
  • Avoid parallel investments and costs by focusing on one common solution.


  • Supports an efficient quote process
  • Provides granular access rights to users
  • SAP connection over OCI and XML


  • Tenfold sales growth achieved
  • More personalization online
  • Increased revenue online and offline
  • Enhanced quality of product data
  • Improved efficiency in product- and customer-related processes
  • Ensures data quality and process efficiency from one data source
  • Manages master and local assortments effectively
  • Minimizes manual work