Itella B2C & B2B Webstores

Smilehouse desgined and implemented an SAP-integrated online solution to serve Itella’s B2C and B2B-customers in Finland and globally.

Itella is a service business whose core competence lies in information and product flow management for its key customers. Itella is the main postal service company in Finland. Net sales amounted to EUR 1,842 million in 2010. Itella provides work for around 29,000 professionals. Itella is fully owned by the State of Finland.

The Challenge

The main challenges were to provide easy communications interface with all other Itella solutions/products (multichannel) which would simultaneously save time between different business departments. Smilehouse provided knowhow on the latest web technologies and offered large scale process consulting to ensure product content would be handled in the most efficient manner for the channels.

The Solution

Smilehouse integration capabilities with the client’s existing SAP solutions also enabled the client to streamline operative processes and to centralize data management. Smilehouse has implemented the complete global B2B and B2C service entities.

“We wanted a partner that has the ability to combine technological and business requirements into a working concept and decided to choose Smilehouse.” ,says Rita Sadinkangas, the Business Director in Itella.

Some of the essential requirements were that the customer should be able to tailor and add products from different third-party applications (Facebook card-service, own post card service etc.) the basket and order everything simultaneously. The implemented solution also imports all the necessary information about the customer when authenticating with e-bank credentials. The solution is also heavily integrated to SAP.

The Benefits

“The goal is to double the revenue from the online channels. At the moment the main revenue comes from the B2B-sector but we are focusing on achieving growth in the B2C-side where the majority of the orders occur.” ,explains Tiina Sorjonen, the Online Manager in Itella.

  • Globalization of data to provide an integrated view
  • Personalization to effectively target visitors and customers
  • Fill gaps in the digital strategy
  • Better manage frequently changing product variants across the globe
  • Improve timeliness and quality of product data
  • Streamline and automate processes
  • Building of catalogs and new online sites and promotions more easily