E-Services solution for Metsä-Group

Smilehouse created an SAP-integrated  e-Services environment for Metsä-Group offer services and products to its stakeholders.

Metsä-Group is a forest industry group present in about 30 countries, whose products and services combine responsible forest economy and innovative technology. Metsä-Group produces high-quality products from renewable Nordic wood in a sustainable way. The Group has five business areas, consisting of Wood Supply, Wood Products, Pulp, Board and Paper, and Tissue and Cooking Papers. The Group’s sales total EUR 5.4 billion, and it employs about 13,000 people. Metsä-Group has production in 12 countries and the Group’s main market area is Europe.

Juha Jumppanen


Metsä-Group strives to be the best partner for all stakeholders. Metsä-Group’s first in market customer service and commerce concept was designed to provide its partners with everything needed for forestry, from additional information to chain saws and forestry insurances provided by OP-Pohjola.

“We want to be the most desired partner for forest owners. Part of developing our services was to create bonus-customers a new way to use bonuses gained from selling forest.” ,explains Juha Jumppanen, the Member Service Manager in Metsä-Group.


The service has been integrated to MOSS (Microsoft Sharepoint Server) and widely across different Metsä-Group back-end systems such as SAP to provide information about availability, prices etc. A specialty within the service is, that Metsä-Group does not sell any items from its own stock – all orders are integrated to third party order managment and logistics systems. The partners are able to purchase items from the store with Metsä-Group bonus points in addition to more traditional payment options. Smilehouse assisted Metsä-Group in concept formation and further at specification phases. Smilehouse was chosen to implement the project due to shown expertise in product content management and ecommerce and due to recommendation of one of the biggest technology service providers in the nation.

“Our store has gained a good acceptance. Building the shop with Smilehouse couldn´t be any easier. Schedule and budget were kept.” ,states satisfied Jumppanen about the project.


Metsä-Group will gain a solid head start in comparison to competitors in expressing true partnership with stakeholders, providing incentives for long-lasting partnerships. The overall first impressions of the service have been very delightful.

  • Manage data from single repository to ensure consistency
  • Automate manual content gathering processes to accelerate time to publication
  • Support extensive interface building
  • Manage corporate product and media assets
  • Support wide product range with complex combination and configuration options
  • Create a homogeneous online portal
  • Integrate multichannel and multimedia communications
  • Improve customer dialogue and higher quality communications
  • Increase offers and orders