B2C Konebox concept for Musta Pörssi

Smilehouse created and implemented the Konebox Concept with Musta Pörssi.

The Musta Pörssi chain of speciality stores offers its customers home technology products that make housework easier, enhance communications and provide entertainment. On the home technology market, the Konebox online store competes with quality products, good availability and low prices. Recently in 2012, the Konebox brand moved as a part of the Musta Pörssi’s own webshop, implemented by Smilehouse.

Musta Pörssi is part of Kesko Corporation, which is the leading provider of trading sector services and a highly valued listed company. It operates in the food, home and speciality goods, building and home improvement, and car and machinery trades. Kesko has about 2,000 stores engaged in chain operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus.

The Challenge

The challenge Konebox faced was how to address the changes in consumer’s buying behavior especially regarding the segment of price critical self-service consumers who had shifted from using traditional channels towards online channels. Additionally Konebox wanted to introduce the ultimate online customer experience in the consumer electronics market for consumers.

The Solution

The core of the SAP-integrated Konebox concept is a multi-faceted online store accompanied with ground breaking service components, efficient logistics and Konebox warehouses. Before the initial commerce implementation stage, Smilehouse provided Konebox with a large-scale requirement definition and concept creation consultation. Smilehouse accompanies actively Konebox with continuous development of the concept.

After few months the Konebox-webshop accounted 10% of Musta Pörssi’s annual revenue. “Multichannel concept has proven to have huge growth potential. That is why we are investing to improve it with Smilehouse also in the future”, says Leena Havikari, the CEO of Musta Pörssi.

The Benefits

Konebox achieved continuous growth since the introduction of the commerce concept. It also reduced costs and time to market with centralized consistent product data and content and streamlined processes and is additionally able to dramatically increase conversion rates with high-quality product content. Smilehouse has implemented the complete ecommerce solution and has provided expertise for further development of the current Musta Pörssi –webshop.