Seppälä B2C Fashion store & community

Smilehouse created a webshop to support Seppälä’s multichannel customer experience.

Case Seppälä - Kati Kivimäki
Seppälä Fashion Community

Seppälä offers international fashion for women, men and children

Seppälä is part of Stockmann Group, which is a Finnish listed company engaged in the retail trade. The Group’s revenue in 2010 was EUR 1 822 million. Stockmann’s three divisions are the Department Store Division and the Lindex and Seppälä fashion chains. The divisions operate in fourteen countries.ernational fashion for women, men and children. Its product selection includes clothing, accessories, shoes and cosmetics at reasonable prices. Seppälä’s expertise lies in its correct combination of basic and trendy products. Seppälä has 137 stores in Finland with an extensive base of 500 000 regular customers.

The Challenge

Seppälä’s objective was to build a comprehensive multichannel strategy and enhance online shopping to attract and meet the needs of domestic and international customers. Seppälä was additionally motivated to create a closer dialogue with customers and to integrate fashion community features with the online store solution. For Seppälä, it was critical that the overall solution provider was capable of delivering a developed centralized platform for all present countries and sales channels.

“We created the webshop to support the sales of our stores. We estimate that every euro that the webshop brings us, will create double the amount in our brick-stores as our products will become more known by the customers” ,explains Marketing Director Kati Kivimäki in Seppälä.

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The Solution

Smilehouse implemented a B2C online store solution with strong focus on creating a fashion community tied to the service for one of the biggest clothing retailers in Scandinavia. The solution includes country specific shops designed for Finnish, Russian markets, Estonia, Latvian and Lithuanian markets.

The project was implemented with the help of Smilehouse agile methodology for e-commerce projects. To ensure that the end result would be as good as possible, we put in a more iterative approach to the project’s daily routine. This iterative and agile process ensured that all requirements were fully met and implemented thanks to regular rounds of feedback with the customer during development.

Already from the beginning the sales of the webshop rose to a similar amount that a medium-sized brick-store has and nowadays the webshop has over one million visitors per year.

The Benefits

  • Integrates email marketing for synchronized promotion
  • Multichannel web strategy – incl. all aspects of communication
  • High quality, targeted promotions for increased conversion rates
  • Ensure consistancy across channels and countries
  • Deploys a single platform to support all countries
  • Maps complex brand structure
  • Supports regional differences in master data
  • Provides dealer locator, funnel search, and product comparison features

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